On Award Enrichment


‘BAGUS’ (Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students) provides awardees with an opportunity to learn about the systems of government operating in Australia.  The program will answer your questions about the Australian parliamentary system and will provide a valuable comparison/contrast with the Indonesian parliamentary system.  BAGUS is offered under the ‘Australian Society’ stream offered as part of AAI’s On Award Enrichment.

BAGUS 1 Day Workshops will be delivered around Australia and facilitated by a government systems expert.  Awardees in each location will be contacted by email approximately one month prior to each BAGUS, seeking expressions of interest for participation in the activity.

All BAGUS participants will receive an Australia Awards Statement of Participation and will be eligible for consideration to participate in the BAGUS 3 Day Seminar to be held in Canberra in November 2017.  This seminar will expand upon the content of the one day workshops and participants will meet with a range of key stakeholders to explore professional linkages and opportunities between Australia and Indonesia.

Previous participants, commenting on the BAGUS 3 Day Seminar stated:

“The best thing was meeting new colleagues not only from Indonesia but also from Australia which I believe in turn will benefit us in the future”

“I found this program is really beneficial to strengthen understanding about actual practices in Australian government and also networking with Australian government as well as Indonesian students”

“This activity brought me to think positively over about the broad aspect of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia. There are many aspects to be considered and to be learnt from the public services in Australia” 

“This program was a very great experience to see and to understand more about how the government works in Australia by comparing Australian and Indonesian system”

Participants in both the BAGUS 1 Day Workshop and BAGUS 3 Day Seminar will receive an Australia Awards Certificate of Attendance.  

In 2017, BAGUS one day workshops will be offered across all states of Australia.  Specific dates of each activity will sent by email to awardees in each location.






1 day workshop



1 day workshop



1 day workshop



1 day workshop



1 day workshop



1 day workshop



3 day seminar












For questions about BAGUS or other On Award Enrichment (OAE) activities, please send an email to: